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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The power of hypnotictracks

Hypnosis is safe, natural and effective. Its effectiveness is also supported by medical research.
We live in the age of the ipod so you can download a stop smoking track and be a non-smoker in 30 minutes. Click Stop smoking to begin.
Cost wise a download is a fraction of the cost of hypnotherapy sessions. Online coaching and back up are also included. Surveys and newsletters provide further support.

A money back guarantee is also in place so if you are not completely satisfied this means there is absolutely no risk.

Compare this stop smoking package with the gold standard stop smoking drugs Zyban and Champix - They take 12 weeks to work and have a "success rate" of 20% after 12 months. Also these drugs have to be prescribed.
Nicotine replacement therapy is even less impressive and all of these drugs have side effects.

Weller Associates started working with the BBC in January 2007 to run their corporate stop smoking campaign. There are 28,000 employess in the BBC so it is an exciting opportunity for Weller Associates. The aim of the project is to help their employees stop smoking prior to the smoking ban on 1st July 2007.

The project is using a package of online resources and in house group stop smoking sessions to ensure that employees are helped to stop smoking in the quickest and the most cost effective way - Full coaching support and counselling have also been made available. This is a revolutionary approach to stop smoking in the workplace, and is part of the BBC healthier lifestyle and work-life balance campaign for employees. Click here to see the BBC Club page on our downloads site.

"I am a certified advanced theraputic hypnotist. I am always researching new and innovative products that will enhance my client's progress. I have found 'Hypnotic Tracks' to be the most effective, efficient and powerful downloads I have ever used."

Linda M. Morneau, CHT Enfield, Connecticut USA
Give yourself that all-important edge in life by clicking on one of the links above to find out more about our HypnoticTracks downloads.

Hypnotictracks hypnosis / hypnotherapy downloads / self hypnosis downloads have been created by leading clinical UK hypnotherapist Sam Weller the founder of Weller Associates.

Hypnotictracks is the virtual division of Weller Associates hypnotherapy / hypnosis / self hypnosis.

Hypnotictracks allows you to benefit from hypnosis / hypnotherapy / MP3 in a very cost way when compared to the fees that a hypnotherapist may charge for hypnotherapy/hypnosis services.

If you are new to hypnosis / hypnotherapy / self hypnosis and considering it as an option by using a hypnotictracks hypnosis / hypnotherapy / self hypnosis download / CD you do not have to fear that you may be 'under' someone else's control.

Therefore you can enjoy a hypnotherapy / hypnosis / MP3 session as many times as you need in the comfort of your own home. Hypnotictracks uses advanced hypnotherapy / hypnosis / self hypnosis techniques to ensure results. These techniques go well beyond the scope of other types of hypnosis / hypnotheraspy download / MP3 or CD.

Hypnotictracks hypnotherapy /Stop Smoking / Weight Loss / Anxiety downloads / CD's are backed up by a 90-day Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Plus a unique online round-the-clock back up service so you have your own fully qualified hypnotherapist on call as back up who will personally answer any questions that you may have on your hypnotherapy / hypnosis / self hypnosis download / MP3 / CD from hypnotictracks.

Some typical feedback from a user of a HypnoticTrack download:

"For years I tried to quit smoking, but never quite made it. The craving never really went away, and after a few drinks in the pub is was almost inevitable I would wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, a sore throat, and guilt and off we went again... until the next time I gave up.

It was then that I tried a Hypnotictracks stop smoking download, and to say I was skeptical was an understatement... I was totally conscious throughout the whole process.

That was 6 months ago, I'm pleased to say to this day after just one session with the stop smoking track I've never craved a cigarette, I've never been tempted, and I remain repulsed by cigarette smoke. I went from total skeptic to convert, if you are serious about giving up smoking I cannot recommend Hypnotictracks highly enough, it works."

Steve Darnell
Managing Director , Irun

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