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professionally produced
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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hypnotictracks survey results

263 responded and the results were most encouraging

Most people are satisfied - 72% are Extremely and Quite Satisfied with just 8% Dissatisfied.Remaining are neutral/too early to tell.

Customers are likely to recommend HypnoticTracks - 74% are either Extremely Likely or Quite Likely to recommend

It just confirms  what we already knew that we are offering a quality product that gets results.

Sam Weller
Creator hypnotictracks


Friday, 10 August 2012

Feedback weight loss

Hi Sam,

I am enjoying my Weight Loss download very much. I have lost a half stone so far and feel very motivated, all thanks to your CD. I had tried lots of diets, pills, etc before and nothing seemed to work so I am delighted with myself and have told others about your website.

Here's to the new me.

Catherine Walsh

Feedback Annie Dixon

The cd is so easy to listen to. Hypnotictracks is a to the point method ( no imagining beaches & naff music) Sam has a soothing tone to his voice which is the key to relaxing. And boy do you relax, deeply.

I have tried other hypnotherapy sessions without sucess yet after the first time listening to the weight loss cd the message is in my head. There is no fighting with your conscience. You are happy to eat healthily! I do not need to talk myself out of snacks or treats as I do not want them any more. I am astounded at at the speed of my progress & it is all due to hypnotictracks. I have invested in more cd's but wish to concentrate on the weight loss for now.

As an added benefit I have discovered that the deep state of relaxation I can achieve is aiding work related back/ shoulder & neck pain. The track enables you to quickly & totally relax your whole body leaving you feeling like you've had a full nights sleep in half an hour. It is transforming my life. I've shed 6lb in 2 weeks.

Thanks Sam

Anne Dixon md
Salon owner

Feedback ex-smoker

After 38 years of being a smoker

and having used Zyban and failed thanks to Sam and his stop smoking CD I am now a non smoker.

Wendy Grant

Feedback from hypnotherapist

Hi Sam,

I'm a hypnotherapist and have been listening to loads of hypno downloads over the last year.
Yours are by far the best I have ever heard.

I was so disallusioned by the rest that I hadnt bothered to do my own even though my clients have askedYou've inspired me to get on and do some myself.

Jennie Francis

Hypnotictracks feedback

I just want to say how unbelievably helpful and beyond the call of duty Sam from Weller Associates has been in trying to get my downloads to me.

He must have sent them, in various different formats and two 3 email addresses, about 20 times or more.

For some weird reason the emails with the tracks on them just weren't getting to the address, tho all the other ones from him during our correspondence got there fine.

It's been very odd, and neither of us understand why, but eventually we managed to get a form of them through to one address and it's all because of his patience and persistence, so all hail Sam.  Give the man a medal.

Thanks a lot.
A very satisfied customer

Doune Fairfax